Milkthistle - Testimonial

"Great product, my wife uses and has stated that this products works great for her."

- By Thomas E. Kelley "Boston" (Cordova, TN, US) March 31, 2010


"Great herbal remedy for helping to control cholesterol problems plus the price was excellent and along with the coupon it was worth buying."


- By anon (TN) January 5, 2014


"I've been using this milk thistle for over two years. My doctor recommended my taking milk thistle because my liver values were a little off in my bloodwork. After six months they went back to normal and have been normal ever since. This brand worked well so I never changed it."

- By JM "pet lover" (Sarasota, FL) May 1, 2014


"I have started using a vitamins to help with various medical conditions. I have been very happy with the results."

- By Todd A. Levy (East Brunswick, NJ, US) April 22, 2014